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Rest assured that you house is in good hands! Our licensed, insured, and organized team will make sure than no detail however small is going to be overlooked

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A remodeling project should be a pleasant journey after all! Forget about all the stressful paperwork because our team will take care of anything


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Your home should be the perfect representation of your lifestyle. Whether it’s meant to bring you comfort, or make you stick out at parties, our designs will definitely bring luxury into your life

kitchen remodeling san jose
Kitchen Remodeling
A kitchen remodeling project will surely give your house a better look. Even if it’s only a small upgrade or a complete remodel, everything adds to the final result.
Bathroom remodeling san jose
Bathroom Remodeling
Bathroom remodeling Los Angeles projects might be the right move for a better life! Even if you’re just thinking about a small change or a complete remodel, everything adds up in the long run.
Complete Remodeling San Jose
New Construction
Take your comfort to the next level with a new construction project! And making such a big decision and moving into your dream house has never been so easy and pleasant.

Home Remodeling Contractor San Jose 

San Jose Home Remodeling is going to change your life forever! Finally, you have stumbled upon those experts that will turn your dream house into reality.With over 15 years of experience in the field, we know how important communication is for our customers. This is why our San Jose contractor will always let you know about the daily progress of your project.

Moreover, we are a licensed, insured, and bonded team. So, whenever you call, you can rest assured that your house is in good hands. From durable materials to vivid designs, we can offer you a wide range of services meant to beautify your home. So, your house will have that perfect balance between spacious, decluttered, and stylish.

However, you might think that a home remodeling process involves lots of worries and stress. Well, NOT FOR YOU! And this is why we are considered one of the most reliable home remodeling companies in San Jose! We’ll make this journey an enjoyable, thrilling experience for you. From obtaining building permits to handling blueprints – we’ve got you covered. You don’t need to worry about learning all the tiring regulations and requirements. Our specialists will be there to offer you a stress-free journey and amazing results.

After all, your satisfaction is our goal. And our happy customers’ testimonials prove it too! In fact, we’ll be more than pleased to know that our list of satisfied clients just got bigger with you by our side!

Your Dream House is Just One Phone Call Away

Do you want to give your house a brighter look, but you’re not in the mood for a major complete renovation project? Get in touch with our experts and find out how you can make your home feel as good as new even with a few minor upgrades!


Take a look at our most appreciated projects!

Over the years, we’ve learned that quality and speed should not be mutually exclusive. This is why our team has dedicated their time and energy to accomplish some of the most elegant, chic, and modern designs. Our innovative views will give your home a unique touch, making it stand out from the rest!


Hard Work. Great Skills. Excellent Results

"San Jose Home Remodeling are definitely the experts you want to take care of a serious project! I’ve decided to give my house an entire brand-new look, and I must confess that everything went much more smoothly than I expected. Everyone on their team was hard-working, attentive, and respectful of my property. My ideas were carefully put into a 3D design scheme which helped me visualize my suggestions much better, and made it easy to make the right decisions. Friendly, professional, and careful, they’ve always put safety first. Definitely recommend them to everyone!"
Debbie E.
"Guess who doesn’t need to spend money at the SPA anymore? That’s right, we’re the merry owners of a remodeled bathroom and we couldn’t be happier about it! After talking about every detail of our project with the contractor, a hard-working team started to put every effort into delivering a beautiful result. Everything from tiles to bathroom cabinets looks elegant and lavish. With a jacuzzi bathtub, quality tiles, and a completely new bathroom plumbing system, they definitely made all our worries go away for years to come. Every time we enter our bathroom we feel like we’re at an expensive hotel."
Julia M.
"Only words of praise for this wonderful company! They turned my bathroom into a beautiful place, where I can spend hours on my self-care routine. Every detail I’ve told them was carefully implemented into the project. I even told my bathroom contractor that I like to take really hot showers, but unfortunately I’ve always had problems with mold. I was pleasantly surprised that he carefully listened to my story, and helped me get a much stronger paint that’s mold-resistant. And now I can bathe for as long as I want, the steam doesn’t cause me problems anymore! Definitely hire them if you want pros around your house!"
Omer K.
"We’ve heard only excellent stuff about San Jose Home Remodeling’s projects, so that’s why we’ve decided to hire them for a kitchen remodel. And we must confess that they’ve succeeded to surpass our expectations. Our kitchen is now a luxurious place, spacious and bright! Our kitchen contractor took every detail we’ve told him and put it into a well-organized plan. The team was hard-working, serious, and very polite. Not to mention that the work was completed on time. Thank you guys for an excellent job!"
Ken L.
After tons of bad experiences with previous home remodeling agencies, I was left with a dirty, old, and unfinished kitchen. Lots of phone calls and research led me to San Jose Home Remodeling. And since I first talked with Steve, a sense of relief and joy overcame me. Their team is well organized, and from the first day until the last inspection, I always knew the stage of my project. Always patient with my questions, they explained every step, gaining my trust definitely. Now I’m the happy owner of one of the most modern and stylish kitchens, just like the ones I’ve always dreamed about!"
Kenny N.
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